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Lost Springs, Wyoming

Growing up in a very small town in Wyoming provided it’s fair share of profound events, history and interesting people. People and events I now realize taught me many life lessons.

This will be a random bunch of stories that I can recall. When I was a teenager ( I didn’t drink much so I was the default “designated driver”) we didn’t call it that then. In the summertime on weekends occasionally we (my buds) found our way out to Lost Springs, Wyoming. There was a store and a post office, and the owner ( or employee ) of the store would on occasion sell beer to us kids. I know, looking back it was totally irresponsible on both parties, but we survived, amen.

I recently was back in Wyoming and had a chance to drive through Lost Springs, pop. 1. It has varied over the past 50 years, but for awhile that was the official Sate of Wyoming population sign for Lost Springs. One, uno got to be a lonely place or someone who really loves their solitude. I recently posted this picture I took on my seldom visited Facebook page. I got quite a few reactions too. I’ll post them under the picture.

May be an image of grass, tree, nature and text that says 'LOST SPRINGS POP ELEV 4996'

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