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Broken Rope

Painting by Sioux Artist Godfrey Broken Rope.

This painting is one of my prized possessions. I knew this artist when I was a young boy growing up in Wyoming. He used to paint and sell his art on the corner of Main Street and Hwy 20 in Lusk, Wyoming.

In the summer I would go downtown (1,100 population) and talk and ask him questions an 11 and then 12 year old would ask. He loved to talk about Jesus and the love of God, and this sparked me to find out more about that. He also spoke of his travels around the west and pacific northwest. My folks said he spent two summers in our town and that sounds about right.

You can google him a see a bit of his history and paintings.

It was amazing to watch him paint. He used only couple of brushes and could paint these beautiful scenes in what seemed like a very short time. No camera-phones like now, regardless, I always wished I had purchased one of his paintings back then.

I have traveled back to Wyoming many times over the years and in speaking with an old friend of mine, mentioned that I really wished I could find one of his paintings. My friend told me that there was one in a building that his dad once owned. (a bowling alley, no less). We went and looked , it was really large painting. Depicting a railroad trestle over a mountain river valley. Beautiful, but way too big! It was at least 8’x6′.

Then on a subsequent trip I just happened to visit the Lusk Museum and struck up a conversation with the docent. They have a painting of his in the museum and I mentioned my efforts to obtain one of his paintings. Well, wouldn’t you know, she said she might just have one or two. As it turns out, she and her husband owned a liquor store and bar back in the day. This was 2017. and they owned the bar from the 1950’s through the 70’s. They actually commissioned Broken Rope to paint a couple pieces for their then new bar. When they closed she took the paintings with her. They had been in their garage since then. It’s very dry in Wyoming and it preserves things very well. I offered to buy one, and returned into town the next day.

Indeed she did have three of his paintings, they were not signed but I know his works and in this case the exact history of the paintings. I ended up with this one, and am so thankful to have it.

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